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We would like you to experience the richness of the Indonesian Cultural Night with Indonesian Traditional and Modern Arts, Digital Tourism, Music and Angklung Orchestra Performances highlighting Indonesia’s Archipelago . The performers are the prominent performer groups from Indonesia and Indonesian community in USA such as Padepokan Junggala dance troupe, musician Manshur Angklung, Fortyeight digital media artist, and House of Angklung orchestra



Established in 2007 in Washington DC, HOA have performed angklung orchestra across U.S., including at the Kennedy Center Wash D.C. (2017); United Nations HQ, New York (2018); UC Davis, California (2019), Atlanta, Georgia (2016) and many more. The group focuses on the Sundanese culture of West Java, Indonesia, and its mission is to bring harmony and peace in society through the beautiful angklung music.

Padepokan Jugala

Founded in 1976 by an artist couple from West Java, Gugum Gumbira a Sundanese composer, orchestra leader, choreographer from Bandung, Indonesia and Euis Komariah a master dancer. They invented Jaipongan dance. Jaipongan dance is based on traditional Sundanese music and martial arts movements. Accompanied by the dynamic kendang (traditional West Java drum).


Manshur Angklung

Manshur graduated from Institut Seni Budaya Indonesia, an Indonesian art and cultural institute in Bandung, West Java. He specialized in Angklung music. He brought Angklung 'to the next level', by collaborating with DJ and many other musicians. Manshur has performed across Indonesia and in many other countries: Malaysia, Brunei, India and recently in Dubai.

Fortyeight x Sulaya Panyidagan

A group of young creative artists based in Bandung, West Java, specialized in presenting cultural art in digital form. Their products include: Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Time Traveler, Digital Art, Interactive Wall, Interactive Transparent Screen, Hologram , Video Mapping, and Light Installation. They have international experience in different festivals: Burning Man Festival, Nevada, (200&), Art Stage, Singapore (2014), Workshop of Indonesian Traditional Music, New Zealed (2018), 1Minute Production Mapping, Japan (2019), Asia Topa Festival, Australia (2020), UK Tour (2022).

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Indonesian Cultural Show admission $25/person

Indonesian Cultural Show and Spice Up The World reception $40/person. Ticket for Spice Up the World reception also can be admitted at door for $15/person

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